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This site is for entertainment and personal use purposes only. I own no rights to the music discussed below, and I am making no money off of this content. Further, the only authority I have to make my comments and ratings is the fact that I have been listening to Beyoncé since the womb. Literally. I have no musical training whatsoever, and my top fifteen songs could vary wildy from, say, a producer like BOOTS. They can also differ greatly from an everyday stan or casual Beyoncé listener. If you want to see how your results compare to mine, you can fill out the master spreadsheet here!

The purpose of this project is really just to celebrate Beyoncé's decades-long career and all the versatility, creativeness, and passion that she's poured into it. Her growth as a musician and entertainer is something these other pop girls could stand to learn from instead of focusing on streaming numbers. Here is a playlist of all of Beyoncé's songs, samples, interpolations, and covers.

These songs have been rated according to factors such as technical elements, energy, visual elements and so forth. The 'best' Beyoncé song isn't necessarily my favorite. I know this because my favorite isn't even top fifteen (which is embarrassing because the only reason I started this was to prove that I was right).

Beyoncé's top fifteen songsB

The MathB

The math behind the ratings is simple. The ratings come from a composite score of 11 mini-scores (categories being techicality, creativity, energy, cohesion, production, visuals, live perfomances, whether it ages well, samples, commerical success and "You Know You That Bitch When You Cause All This Conversation" elements.) You can see my spreadsheet here.

Below is an infographic that shows how "Dance For You" from 4 scored amongst each category. You'll see that its highest percentages come from cohesion and age. Its lowest percentage comes from commerical success. Altogether, its culmative score comes out to 8.827, making it Beyoncé's 17th best song.

Do you disagree?B

Once again, this is a personal project and my opinion isn't the law, but I am not opposed to (and expect) some death threats so you can direct them below.